Death (Lilith Trilogy #1)

PDF-file by Joanna Mazurkiewicz

Death (Lilith Trilogy #1) PDF ebook download The lake hidden deep in the forest used to be a place that young people used as an escape from the ordinary world, until a beautiful creature claimed it as hers. Since then, no one ever comes into these parts of the forest.

But not all people take notice of the myths surrounding the lake. During his breaks from writing, Sebastian Bennett enjoys taking long walks with his dog, Hector.These walks are a source of peace for Sebastian’s mind, until one day he finds a young man hanging from a tree. The small town of Cormack grows into a state of shock as yet more bodies are found.

No one knows why so many young men have decided to kill themselves, not until Sebastian discovers the secret of the cavernous lake

eBook Death (Lilith Trilogy #1)

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