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Crime Story Collection PDF ebook download Penguin Readers Level 4
Time:1/14- 50 minutes 15 - 50 minutes
Seven word summary: murder - bathroom - woman - marry - kill - will - money
Discussion Question:
Q1: If your spouse try to kill you for getting your private property, what do you do?
I investigate my supouse carefully and call police for protecting myself.
Q2: Do you want to work as police?
I don't want to work because it's difficult work and cannot make myself dangerous.

There are 8 stories in the book. 'Three Is a Lucky Number' is most interesting story I read.
The main character was a matrimonial swindler. And he did again and again. However, the last target
was clever and noticed what he did.
I don't like the book about crime and detective mystery. but The book is including some jokes and
uniques so I enjoyed reading the book.

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