Crystal Flame (Lost Colony, #2)

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Crystal Flame (Lost Colony, #2) PDF ebook download 1 ½ stars.Dull and boring.I wanted it to be over.

I should have stopped reading, but I kept going for the purpose of writing a review, and hoping, maybe, something would be good later.It got a little better during the last part, but not enough.The characters didn’t intrigue me.The conversations didn’t interest me.The plot was based on a potentially interesting idea, but it was not developed well.I felt no chemistry between the couple.I wasn’t drawn to Ridge, the hero.I was bored during the first two sex scenes.Other sex scenes happened, but nothing special.Other readers may like this, but it just didn’t work for me.

Kalena’s parents were killed.Her aunt Olara brainwashed and raised Kalena to assassinate the man responsible, Quintel.Kalena wants certain freedoms and mistakenly believes she will have them after she kills Quintel.To get close to Quintel, Kalena must do a temporary marriage to Ridge who works for Quintel.These temporary marriages are common.The sellers of magic sand will only sell to the “wives” of traders.So Ridge marries her in order to take her on a buying trip.They are not in love.They have sex.They are influenced by traditions which say: Husbands must protect wives and give orders to wives.Wives must serve hot tea to their husbands in bed in the mornings.She likes doing that.

Narrative mode: 3rd person.Story length: 344 pages.Swearing language: mild.Sexual language: mild.Number of sex scenes: 7.Setting: a time when people rode animals for transportation and used swords.A place called Zantalia, similar to earth.Copyright: 1986.Genre: medieval fantasy romance.

eBook Crystal Flame (Lost Colony, #2)

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