Letters to Elise

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Letters to Elise PDF ebook download In the past I have really enjoyed the authors previous work. I was a little hesitant to read Letters to Elise because it is completely in letter form. It is also the back story of one of the characters that she has already wrote about in the My Blood Approves series. I decided to read it because of my devotion and love of the same character. I am so happy that I did.

The writing was wonderfully beautiful in this book. As a reader we are able to look into Peter's life and get to know him in a way that we weren't able to previously. From letter to letter the story was flowing with ease and you wish that it wouldn't end. You can feel the love that he feels for Elise as well as the romantic that lives in him.

What I have come to notice about Hocking is that every story she writes has its own personal fingerprint. Each series has a different style and it is hard to tell they are written by the same author. Which to me is an amazing feat. Letters to Elise is no different. It has a very different feel to it than the My Blood Approves series and that is what made it work so well. Even though it has a lot of the same characters, it isn't told by the same protagonist. It even had an old feel to it, like it had been written in the time that Peter had grown up in.

I thought that I had loved Peter before but now I wish so much that he has a happy ending.

eBook Letters to Elise

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