Captivated (Spellbound, #2)

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Captivated (Spellbound, #2) PDF ebook download This is a novelette of about 12,000 words that is Part Two of a Paranormal BDSM Erotic Romance Series.

After Julia decides to stay with the mysterious and exotic Alexi Petrenko, he gets her settled in the cottage where he grew up. The only problem is the cottage has no running water, no refrigerator, and no stove! She has to learn how to live without modern conveniences if she wants to impress on Alexi's hardened sensibilities.

Alexi presents her with the real kick in the pants— he wants her to wear an old-fashioned peasant girl outfit while she lives at his cottage. She submits to wearing the ridiculous costume, but Alexi leaves and is hardly ever around.

When he finally shows up, he comes into the kitchen while she's washing dishes and gives her a serious spanking for the infraction of wearing panties. That's a mistake she won't make again.

After they make love on the counter, dripping wet from the wash water, he informs her that he wants her to clear a field with nothing but a scythe and a shovel!

Julia's competitive nature takes the challenge, and she sets out to get the work accomplished. But while she's turning over the soil in Alexi's old, family garden, she finds a metal box full of strange items— a Russian woman's passport and what looks like bound up voodoo dolls. She hides the box behind the coal shed and is happy she hid her own passport under the floorboards in the living room.

While working in the garden, Alexi ties Julia to the trellis in the front yard and does naughty things to her vulnerable, sweaty body. Later that night, he teaches her lessons she never imagined her body could learn. She is captivated by his erotic tutorials, and hypnotized his overpowering lust.

But the mystery of the metal box weighs heavily on her mind, even through Alexi's best attempts to keep her under his sex spell.

Who is the woman from the passport? What are the items in the metal box? Will Alexi do the same thing to her?

eBook Captivated (Spellbound, #2)

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