No Such Thing

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No Such Thing PDF ebook download When magic fails, sometimes trust and a second chance are all you need.Magical things are happening once again in the tiny town of Crystal Falls, Indiana. But this time, the source of that magic is in trouble. May (Malaya) Wiggins, the owner of a boarding house, has been called to task by a member of the Magical Enforcement League. It seems May's been practicing magic and nurturing the special spark in others without a license.Enter Tavian Brightmore-the good-looking, play-by-the-rules Magical Enforcement officer sent to drain May's energy. He's also her former lover and the man who betrayed her ten years ago.As Mrs. Wiggin's May Day celebration nears, she and Tavian must learn to interact with each other, regardless of the attraction and anger that sizzle between them-magical and otherwise-before the power-hungry dean of the Institute of Magical Instruction kills them both.

eBook No Such Thing

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