Pain and Depression

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Pain and Depression PDF ebook download Those in chronic pain suffer more than physical discomfort. Many suffer the humiliation of defending themselves from practitioners' charges that they are liars, stupid, mentally ill, or addicted. Many of them are unsuccessful in getting real care and suffer needlessly for extended periods of time; some never receive appropriate pain treatment, even unto death. Given this situation, it is not surprising depression is also often a factor amongst those in pain, and it is often not recognized nor treated. In this collection of ten articles, contributors examine some recent research in the affinity of pain and depression, including such topics as psychological behaviorism and the placebo, disability and well-being, co-morbidity in pain and mental disorders, the neurobiology of pain, complex regional pain syndrome, syndromes related to war, opioid-related treatment, and ethical issues in treating patients with both chronic pain and substance abuse disorders. Each essay contains its own references. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

eBook Pain and Depression

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