The Emotions

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The Emotions PDF ebook download this book is hard to read. it is straight up philosophy, so lots of explaining distinctions meticulously. also, every so often talking about previous theories (from the 60s- the 80s) that he's refuting. he likes aristotle's and sartre's ideas about the nature and function of emotions. he's big on emotions' drive being about fitting into a perceived narrative. there's a difference between: the emotion, an emotional episode, a character trait. and then there's the difference between emotions and moods. and how he does NOT believe that belief and desire direct our emotions. this would be overintellectualizing them, which i interpret to mean putting limits on them and not fully understanding them. emotions are always intentional, they always have an object. he includes great passages from proust and tolstoy and a great examples about slimy pudding or killing your hamster by accidental neglect. disgust and guilt, people. more later.

eBook The Emotions

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