Forensics Duo Series Volume 1

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Do you spend more time trying to find and cut a selection for forensics duo competition than you spend rehearsing it? Those days are over! Inside you'll find thirty-five original comedic duets with unique characters, hilarious situations, and fresh material sure to make even the toughest judges split a gut or at least crack a smile. Since these plays were specifically written for competitions, the language is acceptable, no props are necessary, and they can be done with or without blocking. And best of all, they fit within the 8-10 minute time limit! This book is also a gold mine for acting students and their teachers. This source book specifically targeting forensics duo competitions will also be valuable to acting students looking for new material for scene study.So start rehearsing...and be sure to check out all of the books in our Forensics Series!

eBook Forensics Duo Series Volume 1

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