Advances in Artificial Intelligence, II

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Advances in Artificial Intelligence, II PDF ebook download Although there has been a rapid growth in conferences for subfields of AI, ECAI remains the most important gathering of AI scientists in Europe where the whole field is put in perspective. The papers accepted for the conference focus on basic research directly related to the core problems of artificial intelligence. There were also invited presentations and panels to highlight the industrial aspects of AI and some sections where innovative basic research results are related to applications. The invited speakers were Shapiro, Siekmann, Prini and Hillis. Learning is one of the subfields of AI that attracted a considerable amount of attention due to many new recent results. The papers about knowledge representation cover topics such as default reasoning, reasoning about time, current technical issues in the construction of knowledge representation systems and logic and deduction. Papers in the natural language subfield range from issues in the representation of the meaning of natural language expressions, to the use of semantic or pragmatic information in parsing.

eBook Advances in Artificial Intelligence, II

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