365 Meditations For Teens

PDF-file by Sally Sharpe

365 Meditations For Teens PDF ebook download 365 Meditations for Teens offers teens the opportunity to listen in as talented teen and adult writers explore important questions like, What do other people think of me? Will my parents ever understand me? Does God really care about me? Though each writer s unique personality and style are expressed, a common message of encouragement emerges: God s unconditional love for you will never fail. If you put your faith in God s unshakeable love, this foundation cannot be shaken even when your world seems to be tumbling down around you or even down upon you! Monthly themes include topics relevant to teens, like popular culture, making choices or discipleship. Each of the daily meditations takes just a few minutes to read, begins with a passage of Scripture, and ends with a prayer, making this book an ideal gift that will help any teen enrich and deepen his or her faith journey."

eBook 365 Meditations For Teens

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