In Touch with Nature

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In Touch with Nature PDF ebook download Mrs Hemans. "You're my Maggie May, aren't you?" There was a murmured "Yes," and a tired and weary wee head was laid to rest on my shoulder. We were all sitting round the log fire that burned on our low hearth, one wild night in winter. Outside such a storm was raging as seldom visits the southern part of these islands. It had been hard frost for days before, with a bright and cloudless sky; but on the morning of this particular day the blue had given place to a uniform leaden grey. The cloud canopy lowered, the horizon neared, then little pellets of snow began to fall no larger than millet-seeds, till they covered all the hard ground, and powdered the lawn, and lay on the laurel-leaves, and on the ivy that the sparrows so love. Gradually these pellets gave place to broad dry flakes of snow.

eBook In Touch with Nature

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