Little Nemo in Slumberland - Too Many Splendid Sundays

PDF-file by Winsor McCay

Little Nemo in Slumberland - Too Many Splendid Sundays PDF ebook download Really incredible full-page newspaper comics from the turn of the 20th Century, reprinted in full size!The book is about 3 1/2 feet tall, making it both an imposing read and incredibly expensive.Fortunately, my library had a copy — see if yours does too!You will not regret it.

Nemo is a young boy who has fantastic, immaculately envisioned and detailed dreams.The plots for these comics are fairly straightforward and silly, with Nemo either falling out of bed or being woken up by his parents at the end of every strip.

What is not straightforward is the design of the strips, which is consistently breathtaking.Panels expand and retract away from a standard grid to reflect the ever-shifting dimensions of Nemo's dreamscape.McCay's control over geometry in the service of creating depth in his linework is astonishing, as is the detail he crams into every panel.He must have been a dedicated naturalist — his command over the form of plants and animals would be impressive if he were drawing textbooks, but to employ this skill in making comics?!Wow.

This is beautiful stuff, and the fact that it is over 100 years old boggles the mind — nobody has done anything this good since.

eBook Little Nemo in Slumberland - Too Many Splendid Sundays

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