Clifford Keeps Cool

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Clifford Keeps Cool PDF ebook download Here in San Diego, we have been experiencing unusually hot and humid weather, so I felt like I had to include this particular Clifford title in Storytime today.It is the height of summer and Clifford tries all the usual methods to stay cool, but at his size they don't always work quite right.For instance, watching a dog riding in a car enjoying the cool breeze, Clifford climbs on top of a large truck - which cools him off...until the truck passes under a freeway overpass.He empties swimming pools and fountains, until finally, Emily Elizabeth finds the perfect cooling spot for him: under a waterfall in a park.Not only is he finally happy, but he manages to save a boat load of kids in a canoe who were about to plunge over the falls.You gotta love this dog! We had a lively discussion about all the things my storytime audience did to stay cool this summer and all during the story they continued to share.

eBook Clifford Keeps Cool

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