The Silent Ghost

PDF-file by Sue Ann Jaffarian

The Silent Ghost PDF ebook download A brand-new novella in the Ghost of Granny Apples Mystery series, featuring Emma Whitecastle’s daughter, Kelly—only available digitally…

Like mother, like daughter? Emma Whitecastle’s daughter Kelly just wants to live a normal life and pursue her studies at Harvard. But that’s not so easy when your mother is a famous medium who hosts a TV show on paranormal activity and when your frequent companion is a ghost named Granny Apples.

When reporter Tanisha Costello approaches her, Kelly is understandably skittish. But Tanisha isn’t after a story—she needs help. She’s being haunted. Though Kelly doesn’t want to acknowledge she has the same gift as her mother, Granny Apples steps in to get her to take the case and get the scoop on the spirit.

eBook The Silent Ghost

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