Handy Mandy in Oz (Book 31)

PDF-file by Ruth Plumly Thompson

Handy Mandy in Oz (Book 31) PDF ebook download Probably more of a 3.5 than strict 3.Handy Mandy brings then and fantasy back that I feel was somewhat lacking in the previous book (Captain Salt in Oz).Thompson sticks to the formula she works well with in her Oz books: there is some sort of quest to save a kingdom or royal person.This time she brings in Mandy the seven armed goat herder from Mount Mern, who has been brought to Oz quite suddenly by a powerful erruption.Once there she encounters the Royal Ox of Kereteria who has been puzzling over a mystery for the past two years regarding the location of the young King Kerry who vanished one day while hunting.The two soon embark on a journey to find the young ruler and are eventually entangled in a would be conquerer's plot to overtake all of Oz.While fun, I do wish more of Wutz's plot had been fleshed out and that some of his other stolen prizes were revealed.All in all a fun and fast paced read that fits the Oz mythos well.

eBook Handy Mandy in Oz (Book 31)

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