Ralph's Secret Weapon

PDF-file by Steven Kellogg

Ralph's Secret Weapon PDF ebook download This book is AWESOME.When I looked at the cover again for the first time in ages, a powerful sense of affection came springing back up from my childhood memories.The story is great—hilarious, crazy, a little bit gross, fantastical, unbelievable—it’s no wonder my younger self loved this book so much.Reading it as an adult, I still really enjoyed it.The illustrations are mind-blowingly detailed, beautifully colored, and chock-full of little jokes and silliness.The animals, especially the snakes, sea serpent, and great danes, all look so awesome and adorable—they’re my favorites—and Aunt Georgiana is a fabulous character.This is just a beautiful, wonderful children’s book and I’m so happy to revisit it again after so many years!

eBook Ralph's Secret Weapon

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