From Harvard to Whoredom

PDF-file by Candice X.

From Harvard to Whoredom PDF ebook download What would you do if you woke up in the bed of Hollywood’s sexiest bachelor?

No matter how much Sahara runs, she can’t hide from her past. Especially not after being thrown against her will, into the spotlight by a certain delectable movie star.

Sahara can’t fathom why Gabriel De’ Angelo would even want to keep her around. Not only is she a prostitute, but she is also carrying secrets so dark they could ruin Gabriel’s entire career. However, it seems the more she denies having any involvement with him, the more intense Gabriel’s fascination with her becomes.

Sahara and Gabriel become trapped in a dance of desire, leaving both vulnerable as others watch in awe or contempt. While they explore the boundless depths of pleasure behind closed doors, jealous co-stars, unforgiving press, and a ruthless pimp that considers runaways the ultimate offense, are all ready to viciously crumble their facade. Sahara has already lost everything once and history sure does have a way of repeating itself...

Candice X’s debut novel breaks all the rules, and will have you drowning in the depths of her plot, turning each page as desperately as you can to stay afloat!

eBook From Harvard to Whoredom

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