Obras poéticas en frances

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Obras poéticas en frances PDF ebook download Vicente García-Huidobro Fernández was a Chilean poet born to an aristocratic family. He was an exponent of the artistic movement called Creacionismo ("Creationism"), which held that a poet should bring life to the things he or she writes about, rather than just describe them.

Huidobro was born into a wealthy family in Santiago. After spending his first years in Europe, he enrolled in a Jesuit secondary school in Santiago where he was expelled for using a ring, which he claimed, was for marriage. He studied literature at the University of Chile and published "Ecos del alma" ( Soul's Echoes ) in 1911, a work with modernist tendencies. The following year he married, and started to edit the journal "Musa Joven" ( Young Muse ), where part of his later book, "Canciones en la noche" ( Songs in the Night ) appeared, as well as his first calligram, "Triángulo armónico" ( Harmonic Triangle ).

eBook Obras poéticas en frances

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