The Middle Ages

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The Middle Ages PDF ebook download Our oldest brought this book home from her elementary school library. She has borrowed several of the You Choose historical adventure books and we really enjoy reading them together. I remember loving books like this in my childhood and I love that our girls are discovering them as well. I also like that this book has an educational component, teaching about the lives of people who lived in the Middle Ages.

Overall, this book offers three different and very dramatic stories. We followed the lives of workers in an English castle, a craftsman in Italy, and English knights.The book includes nonfiction facts and historical notes, but the storylines are historical fiction, based on people who lived at that time in history.

We enjoyed taking turns following the various paths and our girls were eager to return again and again until we'd followed them all.I am sure that our oldest will bring more books like this home from her school library.

eBook The Middle Ages

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