Shards of Chaos (Echoes of Oblivion, #2)

PDF-file by Courtney M. Privett

Shards of Chaos (Echoes of Oblivion, #2) PDF ebook download Three years after the events of The Abyssal Night, the Amari Desert brings vague comfort to Ember and Rhodren as they recover from their failed assassination attempt and abrupt uprooting from their mountain haven. All other sanctuaries are inaccessible so the priests of the desert are slowly regrouping and waiting. Their next moves will not be easy, but something must be done if there is any hope for a Geophorian future.

Meanwhile to the east, King Rastaban is tightening his grasp on his brother Sevilen's restraints. While the course of Sevilen's life isn't entirely under his control, his rebellious thoughts – and his darkest secrets – still are. He has turned away from outward acts of revolt and embraced a path of quiet and concealed manipulation. Sevilen both loves and loathes Rastaban, but he knows one emotion must conquer the other before the end.

As Rastaban's madness spirals closer and closer to the cusp of worldwide pandemonium, the last remaining lanterns of hope must come together and discover their true natures if the world is to survive the the Ganebran Empire. Will the heroes of prophesy discover their purpose in time to prevent eternal darkness from falling? Will the new generation of Geophorians rectify the mistakes of the past, or will they be the harbingers of destruction and darkness?

Shards of Chaos is the second volume of the Echoes of Oblivion trilogy.

eBook Shards of Chaos (Echoes of Oblivion, #2)

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