Lydia's Christmas Charade (Cotillion Christmas Traditions, #4)

PDF-file by Saralee Etter

Lydia's Christmas Charade (Cotillion Christmas Traditions, #4) PDF ebook download This story features some characters also seen in A Limited Engagement.

Dutiful, practical Lydia Potts knew that her father, a wealthy Cit, planned to announce her engagement to a nobleman at their Christmas house party. But she didn't expect her prospective fiancé to be in love with another woman!

Anthony wasn't usually so reckless but something about the unknown lady’s sweet manner and big, pansy brown eyes made him want to share a bit of juicy gossip with her. Everybody knew Lord Danville needed to marry an heiress to save his family from financial ruin. Nobody but Anthony would mention it to the heiress herself.

To fix the mess he’s created, Anthony must woo Lydia on his noble friend’s behalf - and Lydia will have to decide between duty and desire.

eBook Lydia's Christmas Charade (Cotillion Christmas Traditions, #4)

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