Oink, Moo, Meow

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Oink, Moo, Meow PDF ebook download Oink, Moo, Meow by Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. is a Say & Play series boardbook featuring pictures of animals and the sounds they make.

Each page has an animal photo and four word sentence, for example: The pig says Oink! Animals shown are a pig, cow, cat, dog, donkey, chick, duck, orangutan, owl, frog, goat, rooster, vear, lion, chicken, wolf pup, horse, goose, donkey, lamb, dove, elephant, hamster, grasshopper, canary and sea lion. Useful for learning animals names and sounds. This should invite participation with listeners repeating the animal sounds. A good choice for small groups of babies or toddlers, or just one on one fun! Would be even more useful in a larger format. 3.5 stars

For ages 1 to 3, aminals, animal sounds, board book, and read-aloud.

eBook Oink, Moo, Meow

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