Self Mastery for Success

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Self Mastery for Success PDF ebook download Can One Book Really Change Your Life? Dr Stephanie K knows there's one thing we most commonly abuse and neglect that determines our quality of life and is our most valuable, precious asset. What is it? With medical focus today on the treatment of "dis-ease" most of us don't even know what it feels like to live at OPTIMUM performance of body and mind, and she shows us how the two are intertwined. . Finally we have the manual we need to operate our own bodies! . Dr Stephanie K is an international authority on health and success breakthroughs. Her study of the effects of stress on the human body and mind has led her to further education in: * Public Health * Natural hormones * Nutritional Medicine * Anti-Aging * Regenerative Medicine * Stress Management . As a medical doctor she includes natural alternatives such as Health Coaching, Bio-Identical Hormones, Organic Herbs and Supplements. Her core mission is to help people eliminate struggle, failures, and un-healthiness to be successful and stress-free! . Self Mastery For Success shares the simple techniques and natural approaches to understand your body and the miracle of your mind to have your brilliant breakthrough to live at your ultimate, peak performance levels. . "In this remarkable book Dr Stephanie K explains in simple to understand language health and success in all areas of your life ... Dr K has combined her years of medical training with a holistic approach to help her patients achieve optimum health, success and prosperity. Self Mastery For Success is a must for anyone who is looking for the power to change their life." Julia Beverley Mather

eBook Self Mastery for Success

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