Maiden of Fire

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Maiden of Fire PDF ebook download HER SECRETS WOULD CHANGE HER LIFE
Raised in a convent, Claire of Foix has been secretly trained in spellbinding by a renegade Templar knight on the run from the heretical Cathers. It is she who has been chosen to stir up a revolt against the new lord of the French fortress, Aimery dei Conti di Segni. Claire believes it will be a simple task to entice him into her spell. Yet she is an innocent in the ways of love, and unprepared for the power of his seduction or the magic of his kiss...

A descendant of the Roman pope who began the Crusade against the Cathers, Aimery is drawn to the beautiful young novice, and he quickly moves her into the castle, prepared for an easy conquest. Instead, it is he who is captured by her purity, her strength and her intelligence. But when Claire's true identity is discovered as fiery rebellion grips the French fortress, Aimery faces a harrowing choice: his sworn duty or his heart's desire, his legacy—or a love that is destiny...

eBook Maiden of Fire

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