Empty Graves

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Empty Graves PDF ebook download HOPE AND HAPPINESS MAY NEVER DIE... BUT PEOPLE DO... It's never a good sign for the living when the dead rise & leave empty graves behind. In this of zombie tales Murphy & friends face down a jinn's deathwish; Moni the Graveyard Angel tries to close down a brothel offering dead women to their clients; in Camelot, the Infinite Jester learns the cauldron of life is not all it's reputed to be; Agent Karver must face down one of his dead that has left her grave; a vampyre zombie & a tiny necronate cause trouble in the Crimson Midnights; the Council of Thrones calls upon Nemesis to ensure a solider answers for his part in a genocide; in the alternate future of the Mysticaust the honored dead rise to defend Uncle Sam against a traitor; in the past Faerie soldiers forever scar young Terrorbelle & kill her mother for a darker purpose; Zombielicious lets her marital strife spill out onto the streets of New York; a mother asks Hex to kill her baby, but the infant's already dead & eating the neighbors; the Soul for Hire learns the hard way that a bullet for the dead isn't always enough to stop them; & Hell's Detective must capture a demon possessed zombie before it slaughters more innocents. THE PATRONS OF BULFINCHE'S PUB SPEAK OUT ON EMPTY GRAVES "A STUNNING ACHIEVEMENT! IF I HAD TO BE BURIED ON A DESERT ISLAND, THIS IS THE BOOK I'D BRING," - MURPHY'S MOM. "MORE FUN THAN A DIRGE," - MONI, the Graveyard Angel. "ALMOST AS HOT AS ME," - the corpse known as ZOMBIELICIOUS. "NOW THAT I'VE READ THIS, I CAN DIE HAPPY. THAT WAY I'D NEVER HAVE TO READ IT AGAIN," - NEGREL, Hell's Detective PRAISE FOR THE MURPHY'S LORE SERIES: "ENTERTAINING, INVENTIVE AND DELIGHTFULLY CREEPY." -JONATHAN MABERRY, Bram Stoker Award Winning Author of BAD MOON RISING and ZOMBIE CSU: The Forensics of the Living Dead "A GIFTED AND INTELLIGENT WRITER, PATRICK KNOWS HOW TO TAP HIS KNOWLEGDE OF THE HOROR GENRE AND USE IT TO CRAFT UNIGUE AND ENTERTAINING STORIES." -EDWARD DOUGLAS, MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE, Director of THE DEAD MATTER "SUCH IS THOMAS' UNIQUE BLEND OF FANTASY/HORROR/HUMOR THROUGHOUT THE... SERIES, THAT HORROR FANS WILL LOVE THE CAST OF WEIRD CHARACTERS... BULFINCHES PUB IS ALWAYS A FAST FUN READ & A PLACE YOU'LL WANT TO VISIT AGAIN." -Nick Cato, THE HORROR FICTION REVIEW

eBook Empty Graves

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