Unquestioned Obedience

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Unquestioned Obedience PDF ebook download The beautiful, headstrong Claudia is a cadet in the Military Academy.When her discipline and physical skill come to the attention of Col. Anton Chenyenko, he earmarks her for a top secret mission.Suddenly plucked from basic training, she's dropped into the bondage and discipline hell of Hut Number For for a painful cash course in the art of submission.Claudia quickly sees the colonel as the man of her dreams - even if he is the whip-wielding master.But to win his heart she must give herself to his special ops force and become a convincing 'sex slave', submitting to brutal men, while risking her life behind enemy lines.During her test mission, she draws the attention of young Prince Balin, who decides to make her his wife.However, Claudia's task is to assassinate his elder brother, the malignant Crown Prince.And when the plan suddenly goes awry, she's on her own as a violent coup erupts and she's taken as the usurper's price.Set in a futuristic world, this fast-paced and gripping story includes lots of sizzling BDSM and graphic sex.

eBook Unquestioned Obedience

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