Someone Else's War

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Someone Else's War PDF ebook download Matteo and his brother Kalid are night walkers, two of thousands of Ugandan children who walk away from their rural homes every night to evade captivity by the Lord's Resistance Army. The Lord's Resistance Army, a Christian army spanning the width of East and Central Africa, has been kidnapping children to fight its battles for over a decade. Worse still for Matteo and Kalid is that they are Muslims—the very enemy the LRA proposes to wipe off of the face of the planet.

When Kalid contracts a debilitating fever, the boys' parents urge Matteo to make the nightly walk on his own; the LRA wants healthy soldiers, they reason, not sickly children. Reluctantly, Matteo makes the trip to neighboring Luwero without his little brother.

The following morning, Matteo returns to his village to find it raided by the LRA, his brother missing, his parents dead. Matteo quickly makes up his mind: He must join the LRA, find his little brother, and smuggle him to safety. What Matteo does not expect to discover on enemy soil are thirty thousand children who want to go home but have forgotten the way. Conflicted by their suffering, Matteo's quest to find his brother spirals into a journey to unite thirty thousand boys and girls in a rebellion against the world's largest and cruelest army, all while fighting Someone Else's War.

eBook Someone Else's War

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