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Modern American Remedies PDF ebook download Modern American Remedies: Cases and Materials is known for a strong organization that highlights remedies categories and concepts within daily teaching units of roughly equal length, each focused on a clear central theme. The text achieves a solid balance of public and private law and integrates basic legal and economic information, without letting either dominate the book. Memorable cases and well-written notes offer plenty of information to inform class discussion.

Following the same organization, scope of coverage, and daily units as the Fourth Edition, the Concise Fourth features tightly focused notes emphasizing basic principles and central points, with fewer illustrations and fewer collateral issues. The volume of notes has been reduced by more than 35%. The Fourth Edition introduces 36 new principal cases, including: In re September 11th Litigation (on the measure of damages for the destruction of the World Trade Center); eBay v. MercExchange LLC (on the prerequisites to an injunction, or on undue hardship, depending on one's point of view); Exxon Shipping Co. v. Baker (on the federal common law standard for measuring punitive damages); and Philip Morris USA v. Williams (on the constitutional limits on punitive damages). Substantial reworking of Chapter 8, on restitution, reflects the Restatement (Third) of Restitution and Unjust Enrichment.

Hallmark features:

Strong organization

remedies categories and concepts clearly defined

daily teaching units of roughly equal length

each unit focused on a clear central theme

Balance of public and private law

supporting text without dominating the discussion

Memorable cases

Well-written notes


Stimulates and informs class discussion

eBook Modern American Remedies

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