The Secret of the Attic (Magic Attic Club, #1)

PDF-file by Sheri Cooper Sinykin

The Secret of the Attic (Magic Attic Club, #1) PDF ebook download Alison, Heather, Keisha, and Megan find a golden key that turns out to unlock the attic in a neighbor's old Victorian house. Once inside, Keisha spots a trunk filled with wonderful costumes—ball gowns, a ballet tutu, and many, many more.

It's not long before the best friends find beautiful dresses that seem meant for them. And when they stand together in front of the old-fashioned mirror, they suddenly find themselves on an adventure in the past!

At first they don't know what's happened, or how to help the young girl whose Christmas party seems ruined. Why does she look so familiar? And how will they ever get back home? The answers they discover are the beginnings of the Magic Attic Club!

eBook The Secret of the Attic (Magic Attic Club, #1)

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