The Mousetrap

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The Mousetrap PDF ebook download It's a classic mystery play set at a country inn where two young people are just opening for business. Several odd guests get snowed in and a fugitive is on the loose....

I enjoyed the characters in this play, I was into the story, and then the ending just falls off a cliff. Not only does it violate the rules of writing mystery, I could have lived with that, but the mystery isn't even really solved, the killer just reveals her or himself and becomes a completely different human being at that point, utterly unlike the character up until that point. It's impossible to believe that some of the characters didn't recognize each other from earlier life. Is this really one of the great classics that mysteries in the theater have to offer? I doubt it. But name recognition means that the show gets trotted onto the stage again and again.

eBook The Mousetrap

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