Fallen Angel

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Fallen Angel PDF ebook download I Loved this book. It is creepy, atmospheric and truly original. The story is a story within a story: a young woman is being compelled by a sinister story-teller to hear the story of the daughters of John Milton who were enthralled by a fallen angel. The angel was a present from their dead mother who at first seems like a wonderful gift for the girls but soon tears them apart.

The characters are flawed and selfish, while also understable and sympathetic which of course makes them far more interesting. The story is set mainly in Restoration London with all its smelly streets and bustling life and colour.

The story itself is full of brooding menance and sexual tension that KW keeps up until the end. The angel is sexy and not terribly angelic towards the girls - I have to admit I sort of wanted one of my own....I'm willing to take the bad with the good!

I lent this book out to lots of people and its still out there somewhere circulating, which means that I shall probably have to purchase another copy as it's a great winter read and a real keeper.

eBook Fallen Angel

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