Daniel and Gabbe's Fight (Fallen Shorts, #0.6)

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Daniel and Gabbe's Fight (Fallen Shorts, #0.6) PDF ebook download I don't think it was a fight, won't even consider it an argument.Let's say it was Daniel and Gabbe Discussing.

So, (if my timeline is correct) this conversation happened three years and three days after the Daniel in LA short story.

They have some kind of Angel governing body in Heaven...circle of trial...records of circle of trial accounts...scribe position that must be kept secret...

Then all of these are happening here...Luce appearing in Sword and Cross...Gabbe being Luce's guardian angel but who is Arriane?Another guardian angel?...angel wars?...why do the angels want Daniel to side with them in the war?...would they remove his fallen angel status if he sides with heaven's angels in the war?...

Too many questions...I need to read the actual series or let's say the first book of the series and we'll go from there...

eBook Daniel and Gabbe's Fight (Fallen Shorts, #0.6)

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