The World at Large (Carpe Diem, book 1)

PDF-file by Adam E. Mehaffey

The World at Large (Carpe Diem, book 1) PDF ebook download The following is an account of my journeys throughout the world. What started off as a couple of months to get away for an adventure turned into a ten-year journey of learning, enlightenment, hard times, and moments that will never leave me, including times of joy, sorrow, love, pain, near-death experiences, and experiences nearly worth dying for. During that time, I travelled to over 60 countries, set foot on every continent, including Antarctica; worked in over half a dozen countries; and saw relics from ancient civilisations and technological marvels of the modern world. I saw the highest peak on earth, the lowest valley, and so much in between. I visited places where they had never seen a white man before and countries ruled by governances ranging from democracies to theocracies to military regimes. I saw the cruelty that humanity can have for each other as well as the love that can bind us all. I fell in love, had my heart broken a few times, and broke a few hearts of my own. ~Carpe Diem

eBook The World at Large (Carpe Diem, book 1)

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