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Drown PDF ebook download Both love and murder begin with the discovery of a body. Billy Sunday, having spent ten years on the verge of rock superstardom, is starting to mentally and physically feel the negative effects of his nomadic, party-infused life. He is at a personal crossroads: continue to pursue his dream regardless the cost or retire to a more socially acceptable existence.

His mental dilemma is postponed when he suddenly becomes a prime murder suspect. He is the last known person seen with the victim who also happens to be the wife of his high profile record company president.

With a New York gossip columnist leading the media frenzy and the district attorney looking to bootstrap a sensational trial into a U.S. Senate seat it appears Billy will be found guilty of murder long before he finds the enlightenment he so desperately seeks and seemingly needs.

Drown is a fast-paced murder mystery that twists and turns through the music industry.

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