Sugar Creek

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Sugar Creek PDF ebook download I'm doing genealogy research on people who lived in Shelby County, Illinois in the mid-1800s, which is about seventy miles easy of Sugar Creek.I would, of course, have loved to have read a book with this level of detail about the place I was actually researching.But I figured it would give me a feel for the region and the time, and it did.

Most notably, I learned that I am so very glad I am not a woman in frontier Illinois.

Also, randomly, I learned that the a big part of the Donner Party left from Sugar Creek.It's rather disconcerting to be reading a fairly academic discussion of classroom management and discipline in one room school houses, then learn about a specific teacher who was universally loved and admired, and then learn that, "Oh, yes, by the way, she went on to die horribly on the way to California with her new husband."

In short: the 1800s were frequently a dark place.Fascinating to research, glad I don't live there.

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