Death by Death (Denise Cleever Thrillers, #5)

PDF-file by Claire McNab

Death by Death (Denise Cleever Thrillers, #5) PDF ebook download Undercover agent Denise Cleever is used to putting her life on the line—but now she's in a situation where her sanity is at risk.

In Australia, a young British woman with a bomb strapped to her body embraces a visiting American senator—and activates the device. In Paris, a young woman stabs a leading French intellectual to death and then ritually disembowels herself.

Is it a coincidence that both were patients of charismatic psychiatrist, Dr. Graeme Thorwell? Has Thorwell found a way to turn troubled young people into directed murderers who will kill on command?

For Australian Security Intelligence Organization Agent Denise Cleever, this will prove to be the most perilous of assignments as she joins the staff of Dr. Thorwell's exclusive Easehaven Clinic…where it seems both body and mind are equally under threat.

eBook Death by Death (Denise Cleever Thrillers, #5)

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