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Declutter Your Inbox PDF ebook download LEARN:: How to STOP Being Overwhelmed by Email and Get to Inbox Zero
Are you buried under an avalanche of email? In our fast-paced world, it's easy to allow hundreds—even thousands—of messages accumulate in your inbox. While email can enhance your personal communication, it can also turn into a huge time sink. Let email control you and it could lead to: low productivity, stress, distraction and a lack of focus on important projects.

The solution? Learn how to declutter your inbox and never again get overwhelmed by email.

DISCOVER:: How the "Inbox Zero Habit" Can Stem the Tide of Email
Whereas most books (and blog posts) recommend fancy technology for email management, this doesn't solve the root problem. It's kind of like a doctor focusing on the symptoms, not the disease. In order to do your best work in a peaceful, constructive manner, you need to develop a specific routine that focuses on email efficiency. Put simply: You need to develop a habit for processing email.

In the book "Declutter Your Inbox", you will get a nine-step plan that helps clear the email clutter—no matter how many messages you receive on a daily basis. If you are someone who only spends 20 minutes managing email, the tips in this book will cut that time in half. On the other hand, if you are a high-powered executive who spends as much as three to four hours per day managing email, this book will help you discover a number of high-leverage habits that will increase your productivity.

DOWNLOAD:: Declutter Your Inbox: 9 Proven Steps to Eliminate Email Overload
"Declutter Your Inbox" contains a detailed blueprint of how to be productive while processing email. You will learn how to:

Read and understand the six limiting beliefs about email.
Write template responses and use software to handle common questions.
Practice the "10 rules" of writing efficient emails.
Organize your inbox by creating email filters.
Use seven tools for managing an empty inbox.
Create a central location for files that you typically send.
Practice the 4 D’s when processing emails.
Streamline all your inboxes into one (or two) locations.
Develop seven habits for managing email.
Don't become a slave to your inbox. You can get to inbox zero by creating a powerful routine for processing email.

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