Targets of Opportunity (Target: Terror, #2)

PDF-file by Michael Z. Williamson

Targets of Opportunity (Target: Terror, #2) PDF ebook download The second book in the series revolving around one of the most fascinating professions within the armed forces—the sniper. This time the shooters head to Romania to stop a dangerous terrorist cell before it's too late.

Master snipers Kyle Monroe and his partner Wade got more than they bargained for on their last adventure—an assignment to knock out a powerful terrorist leader in Pakistan. Their new assignment takes them to Romania, a new land with all-too-familiar enemies. Although the men are still haunted by the team-mates they lost in Pakistan, duty comes first, and it's time to put the past behind them, strap on their rifles and go take out some bad guys.

Military snipers are the best in the world at what they do—precision shooting without getting caught. But the skill required to shoot a man from a mile away becomes useless in the densely packed streets of the city that used to be the home of the historical Count Dracula. Finding themselves alone in the dark, foreboding tunnels beneath the notorious Count's former castle, their nerves of steel face the ultimate test. And as they get closer to the men responsible for plotting massive terrorist attacks against the U.S., Kyle and Wade realize that the true evil isn't in crypts or legends, but in the man who can plot the deaths of innocents, and the only solution is a bullet between the eyes.

eBook Targets of Opportunity (Target: Terror, #2)

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