Exposure (Logan Brothers, #1)

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Exposure (Logan Brothers, #1) PDF ebook download Alice Newton doesn't live the college life she'd expected or hoped for. She's just lost yet another job, her college workload is mounting, and she's about to find herself homeless because she can't pay her rent. It's all in marked contrast to her best friend Tess, and seemingly everyone else on campus, whose parents can pay for everything. Alice, unfortunately, doesn't have that luxury.

Kyle Logan runs a club, a club offering very specific services. One of his best 'workers', Jenny, has just run out on a client, leaving Kyle on the hunt to track her down. The path leads him to Jenny's empty dorm room, a dorm she vanished from during the night, much to her room-mates confusion. That room-mate just happens to be Alice Newton.

When Kyle comes knocking, the seeds for a mutually beneficial relationship are sewn. And, just as a bonus, Kyle is just about the most delectable man Alice has ever laid eyes on. Those eyes, that square jaw, those dimpled cheeks. He's irresistible.

The question Alice needs to ask herself is: how much is she willing to risk to build the life she's always dreamed of, and is Kyle really all he seems?

The answers, and the results that lead from them, might just change her life forever, for better, or for worse.
Genre: New Adult Romance/College Romance

(For adults only 18+ Includes sex, foul language, and themes unsuitable for younger readers)

eBook Exposure (Logan Brothers, #1)

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