Curves On Fire

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Curves On Fire PDF ebook download Curvy girl Carrie Winters is on vacation with her friends in Italy when the hotel they are staying at catches on fire. No one is hurt, but she attracts the attention of a sexy Italian firefighter. Sparks fly between them when he offers to walk her back up her room after the fire is out, and she realizes that the real fire is deep within her; a burning desire to touch and feel the gorgeous fireman...

This 5400 word short story contains explicit sex between a voluptuous woman and a sexy firefighter, and is intended for mature audiences only!

An excerpt from the story:

Marco grinned, retrieved the keycard and then swiped it through the lock before opening the door and turning the light on. In the center of the room, there was a queen sized bed with soft white sheets and cream-colored blankets, and Carrie swallowed nervously as she realized that she almost certainly wouldn't be sleeping alone.

"So... you aren't tired from fighting fires or anything?" she said, trying to keep her cool.

Marco stepped closer to her and slid an arm around her waist before leaning down and moving his mouth over her ear.

"No," he murmured. "Are you tired?"

"I was," she whispered as goose bumps prickled up over her arms and chest. "But not so much now."

"Good. I'm glad I ran into you tonight. When I saw you at the beach, I wanted you immediately, but then a whole crowd of tourists got in the way. I looked for you, but you disappeared," he said.

His warm breath caressed the smooth skin of her neck, and as he finished his last sentence, he gently kissed her ear. His lips sent another bolt of electricity shooting up Carrie's spine, and she closed her eyes, parting her lips in a soundless gasp. She couldn't believe that just this afternoon she had been fantasizing about meeting a gorgeous Italian man, and now there was one right here in front of her, seemingly desperate to be with her.

She had never felt so good about herself in her life, and she turned her head to him as she slid one arm around him.

"Me too," she said breathlessly.

With that, he leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, kissing her with an urgency that she hadn't anticipated, and she almost moaned into his mouth as she parted her lips, allowing him to deepen the kiss and explore her mouth with his tongue. Normally, she found that first kisses were awkward, but this was perfect.

Powerful shivers of arousal rocked her core as the heat from his mouth began to trickle into hers, and her body flooded with a pulsing warmth that only added to the burning desire she already felt deep in her belly. The kiss seemed to last forever, and Carrie's mind clouded with needful lust as her tongue glided past his lips to entwine with his.

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