God of Magic (Bastion of Magic Book 3)

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God of Magic (Bastion of Magic Book 3) PDF ebook download The battle lines are drawn as the Seelie and their Changelings raid the Isle of Fey, determined to claim the new realm and secure their power. The Unseelie earthborns, trained but barely battle-tested, are all that stands between Manannan and his ultimate bid for conquest.

Stories in Season Three (Bastion of Magic):
Sound and Fury
Requiem for a Dream
God of Magic

The third and final butt-kicking season of The Sidhe concludes with God of Magic. Catch up with all the intense fey action with the collections: Scattered Magic, Remnants of Magic, and Into Magic.

Genre: Urban Fantasy (non-romantic)
Length: Novella

eBook God of Magic (Bastion of Magic Book 3)

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