Teach yourself Business Spanish

PDF-file by Juan Kattán-Ibarra

Teach yourself Business Spanish PDF ebook download With 300 million speakers, the Spanish language is the key to some of the biggest markets in the world, and to compete in them you'll need to know more than just '¡hola!'.

If you've never learnt Spanish before, or if your Spanish needs brushing up, this is the ideal course. Equally, if you are taking an evening class or a BTEC award, it is the perfect companion.

Juan Kattán-Ibarra has created a practical course that is both fun and easy to work through. He explains the language clearly along the way and gives you plenty of opportunities to practise what you've learnt. The course structure means that you can work at your own pace, arranging your learning to suit your needs.

The course contains:

- Sixteen units of dialogues, culture notes, grammar and exercises
- Eight further units of cultural briefings - in Spanish, to give you more practice!
- A pronunciation guide
- Verb tables
- An English-Spanish glossary of business terms
- An extensive Spanish-English vocabulary

By the end of the course you'll be able to participate fully and confidently in meetings, on the shop floor, on the telephone, or in the bar after work.

eBook Teach yourself Business Spanish

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