Walk Softly and Carry a Big Lick

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Walk Softly and Carry a Big Lick PDF ebook download En route to witness their best friend exchange “hell yeahs” with the hottest man ever to grace anywhere, Eshe Nada couldn’t wait to get to Brazil. She couldn’t wait to begin the adventure, but first she had to survive the plane ride. It wasn’t the pilot she was worried about, it was her seatmate. Yngvi is a first-class asshole, which her sister pointed out right before she up and got the hell out of Dodge on their layover. If Eshe had good sense, she would’ve gotten the hell out of Dodge too. The headache in her eye let her know she was lacking in the good sense department. About to kill Yngvi, she was saved from committing murder by some Brazilian hotness who had a body like WHAT, a voice like DAMN, and sex appeal like DROP YOUR PANTIES NOW.

Enéas Roraima was meant to go to the airport and pick up the bridesmaid. What should have been a simple task was turned into SNAFU when his three idiot cousins decided to tag along. They weren’t even at the airport for ten minutes before they’d received a warning from the police and several “eff you’s” from pissed-off boyfriends. He was all set to kill his cousins when he was interrupted by a ruckus started by a beautiful American traveler. He didn’t know who started what, but he knew he was going to finish it, and not simply because he was one of the best attorneys in Brazil, but because he was one of the best men anywhere…and he wanted to prove that to that woman.

Once it was discovered that she was the woman he was sent to fetch, there was no way he was letting her go to some luxury hotel, despite the fact that his father and uncle owned said luxury hotel. Doing what any smart man would do, he took her straight to his family, who fell in love with her on the spot.

Neither Eshe nor Enéas had any idea that their airport meeting would lead them straight to the altar, but a determined little sister in league with a crazy family was going to make that happen no matter who they had to threaten…even if it was the bride herself.

eBook Walk Softly and Carry a Big Lick

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