Turnabout Is Fair Play

PDF-file by Marissa Monteilh

Turnabout Is Fair Play PDF ebook download Childhood friends Raven Singletary and Valerie Boss are like sisters. For decades, they've stood by each other through thick and thin and in-between, yet their friendship is about to be tested in a way they could've never imagined. While out to dinner, Raven announces that she's engaged to Valerie's son, Marquis. Angry and heartbroken, Valerie vows to "fix" her, and comes up with a way she believes will be the ultimate turnabout, and that is to date Raven's playboy father, Stanley. It's the ultimate forbidden fruit. Will turnabout indeed be fair play, or will all turn out to be unfair for these former best friends who betray each other's trust, and break each other's hearts? Revenge can serve a purpose, and only God knows how the divine ball bounces.

eBook Turnabout Is Fair Play

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