The Sex Files

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From The Sex Files... "52% of men and women have indulged in a one-night stand."

For fun, FBI profiler Oliver Vargo cross-referenced his case files with The Sex Files—in order to create a "picture" of the world's sexiest woman. When a real-life version—gorgeous Peggy Fox—suddenly begins tailing him, he's highly intrigued and very aroused. Who is this mysterious woman who's determined to seduce him and spend the night?

Peggy badly needs Oliver's expertise, but his sexy voice and virile body have taken her by surprise. Their sizzling night together is one she'll never regret. And one she'd love to repeat. But she can't let him know all her secrets.

As suddenly as Peggy came into his life—she's gone, like Cinderella. And now Oliver must track her down.... Because with Christmas fast approaching, foxy Peggy is definitely on Oliver's Most Wanted list.

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