Man And The Land (New Naturalist, #31)

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Man And The Land (New Naturalist, #31) PDF ebook download This remarkable book is the second contribution by Dr Dudley Stamp to the New Naturalist series. From it emerges a new and unusual portrait of our islands, and the very clear conclusion that we in Britain are many times fortunate in our land and climate. It has kept its fertility, and its personality, through years of human increase, so that even with its teeming population of today it remains green pleasant and natural.
Throughout the New Naturalist series the policy has been to regard man and his works as an integral part of Britain's natural history. The series could not be complete without a direct assessment of man's influence on the face of the land on its animal and plant communities.
Man has made many bad mistakes in his use of land to tend his animals and grow his plants; and he may make worse ones. But Dudley Stamp, in this compelling and stimulating volume convinces us that we certainly have the knowledge, and may even have the wisdom to preserve our wonderful natural resources from decay, impoverishment and disaster.

eBook Man And The Land (New Naturalist, #31)

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