Round Ten

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Round Ten PDF ebook download Twenty-two-year-old Jones attends Nogero State University and is studying zoology, hoping to become either an underpaid veterinarian or an overqualified state worker. He is also taking a philosophy class that explores various religions and their beliefs and as a faithless person, Jones has a lot to say about the topic-maybe too much. During a heated discussion about religion with some of his closest friends, Jones declares that no one knows for certain if God and the devil exist. As the friends leave the coffee shop, Jones asserts, "If they do exist, I issue this challenge to the devil himself. That when I die, I will inevitably go to hell because I am agnostic and by not believing in God outright, I challenge the devil to mortal combat, and the winner controls hell and can do whatever one pleases."

Moments after an automobile accident, Jones regains consciousness. It's apparent he's not in Nogero anymore. He's landed in the underworld, and with the help of his guide, Kunle, Jones navigates the underworld. During his quest to learn what hell has to offer, he prepares for the ultimate showdown.

eBook Round Ten

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