Legend of the Chinese Dragon

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Legend of the Chinese Dragon PDF ebook download In ancient China, the different tribes lived under the protection of benevolent spirits that took the form of animals—fish, ox, bird, horse, and serpent. But, as often happens, the tribes grew envious of each other and began to fight amongst themselves in the names of their spirits. The children decided to declare a war on war by creating a creature that combined the best of all the spirits and would protect all the people. To this day, the dragon is a symbol of peace and plays an especially important role in the celebration of the Chinese New Year. This timely message of cooperation and empowerment makes this book especially appealing to trade and institutional accounts. Communities with significant Chinese populations will also have a special interest in this title. Catherine Louis' Liu and the Bird was a critical hit with review journals, teachers, and librarians.

eBook Legend of the Chinese Dragon

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