Loring, A Trustee's Handbook

PDF-file by Augustus Peabody Loring

Loring, A Trustee's Handbook PDF ebook download Loring: A Trustee's Handbook is regarded as the most convenient, reliable, and complete source for trust advice. Get in-depth information on how to stay on top of the developments in this complex field of practice. Loring brings you up to date on the latest cases, statutes, and developments such as: The Trustee's Liabilities, including discussion of the standing to seek judicial relief for a breach of trust - defenses to breach of trust claims - damages, penalties and denial of compensation for costs and fees - Special Types of Trusts including exploration of the Quitclose Trust and the Private Sector Blind Trust - examination of the Supreme Court's decisions in cases such as Brown v. Legal Foundation of Washington and U.S. v. White Mountain Apache.

eBook Loring, A Trustee's Handbook

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